The Laboratórios Nova Flora are distinguished because the diversity of services which can provide to their client. The interactive and direct exchange of information between our clients and the scientific department allows us to find solutions adapted to each specific need. From the creation of own formulas, alteration and improvement of pre-existing formulas, creation of labeling and packaging, among many others.



The Laboratórios Nova Flora invest a lot of means in the permanent research of the most suitable raw materials, in constant collaboration with external partners (Universities, Research Centers, etc.). This procedure significantly accelerates the products development, in the way to reflect the most current scientific findings on nutritional supplementation, as well as its impact on Health in general. An internal Scientific Department will respond immediately and accurately to any request.



The production Laboratory controls each component used in the formulation of its products. The competence of this team of professionals and the high technology of the facilities, duly accredited, can respond quickly and effectively to any and all requirements regarding the reliability and identity of the finished products.




The Laboratórios Nova Flora production line is prepared to fill and pack for third parties, from solid products (capsules and tablets), liquids and powders delivered in bulk. The customer can choose the form that suits him best and the whole process will follow the most stringent standards, as if an internal production product were.



The Laboratórios Nova Flora fulfills all the requirements to be able to export their products. For more information about products and procedures send an email to

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